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Social Justice


Reverend Glencie S. Rhedrick


About The Social Justice Auxiliary

The Goal

The Goal of UMBA’s social justice auxiliary is to develop relationships within the community to position ourselves as the gatekeeper to ensure leadership that will answer the needs of our members. Building relationships in the community will ensure leverage when politicians come calling for our votes. The UMBA social justice auxiliary will be responsible for increasing our relationship as Stakeholders at the table.

The Mission

The Mission of social justice: UMBA wants to partner with member churches and the community in moments of crisis, such as weather-related emergencies, food, funds, shelter, support for families in transition from Domestic Violence, Foster Care, Adoption, Involuntary Homelessness, unemployment, and HIV/AIDS.

Areas of Advocacy:

Some hot buttons for our community:

  • Voter education/registration/ voting block constituency
  • Reimagining Law Enforcement
  • Housing
  • School: increasing reading/math scores and funding for inner-city schools (utilizing Title 1 funds to ensure community outreach organizations can provide tutoring and other learning enhancement to ensure our children’s excellence in education.)
  • Prison reform and job re-entry programs
  • Upward Mobility

Three types of Social Justice:

  • Advocacy: environmental, economic, racial, housing, health care, job training, re-entry, prison reform, legislative changes
  • Missions: food and clothing pantry, Shelter, emergency relief, funding: rental, utilities, and medical needs
  • Information: Forums, townhalls (Virtual)