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United Missionary Baptist Association Charlotte

Welcome to a look at the members and ministry of the United Missionary Baptist Association (UMBA). Appreciate the fact that what you will see are still- photos and motionless images. The real joy and thrill is for you to come experience us live and in action.

Experiencing us live and in action, you will discover

  • We are: Together- Maximizing our Ministries, Magnifying our Message, Mobilizing our Members and Manifesting our Membership!
  • We have wonderful opportunities for you to learn, to participate and to grow in worship, fellowship, ministry, discipleship and evangelism.
  • We have exciting activities for all ages and different ministries that try to fit the ever- changing needs of our time.

I hope you enjoy the images and information on our website. But I hope more that you will come and enjoy us live and in action. See for yourself that we aren’t really still or (e)motionless at all!

Grace, Love, Joy and Peace
Reverend Donnie R. Garris

Our Annual Session

Christian Education Classes

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UMBA Churches, members and the public are encouraged to support our new UMBA Church Business Directory which features professional business owners & entrepreneurs within our affiliated churches from across our metropolitan cities.