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United Missionary Baptist Association Charlotte

Greetings Co-Laborers in the Body of Christ.

It is with Jesus joy that I greet you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. It is my pleasure to serve the Most High God and the United Missionary Baptist Association (UMBA).

The United Missionary Baptist Association is a group of strong and powerful pastors, ministers, and leaders. Together as an association we will bring the standard of excellence to member churches. All members of UMBA are invited to participate with greatness: great enthusiasm and great expectation. We must shine our light on Jesus: the Way, the Truth, and the Life. People of this world need Jesus now.

We are called to carry out God’s work in God’s way. Effective ministry will lead the people of the world to say, you can have the whole world but give me Jesus. People come seeking to know something better than what they have now. My hope is to be accessible as an association in providing theological truth, educational training, and a spiritual reflection of who Jesus is.

My vision is that every leader, teacher, minister, preacher, and pastor will be committed and prepared to spread the message and execute the mission of Jesus. Together and united, every institute, event, teaching moment, preaching opportunity, workshop, retreat, and celebration will be relevant and representative of Christ in our lives. We are God’s Model for Christian Living (Philippians 2:1-6.)

United we will “Keep Building to Advance the Kingdom: Encourage the Mind, Energize the Body, Empower the Person, Engage to Advance”

Serving God and the United Missionary Baptist Association with gladness.
Dr. Betty J. Erwin, Moderator

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